About CESA

CESA was created in order to offer more opportunities to youth soccer players than has been available previously in South Carolina and in most regions of the Southeastern United States. CESA now offers a wide range of services ranging from the highly competitive Elite Clubs National League to our highly affordable in-house recreational league that includes not only CESA’s players but also recreational teams from around the South Carolina upstate area.

CESA was created and exists to provide the best possible service to its players, regardless of whether the player is a highly ambitious national team player or a casual recreational player seeking to keep fit and have fun.

The two clubs that merged to form CESA, St. Giles United and Greenville Futbol Club, were at the time of the merger the second and third largest clubs in South Carolina, respectively. More importantly, these two clubs had proven success in providing competitive and recreational services.

Since 2000, the two constituent clubs have together won over half of all state challenge cup championships (the highest level of competitive youth soccer in the state of South Carolina). CESA is now the largest youth soccer club in South Carolina and has its sights set firmly on fielding teams that are regionally and nationally competitive.